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York Breakfast Morning - Tuesday 15th October

On Tuesday 15th October, from 8am - 12pm, Paul and the team at York will be hosting a Breakfast Morning with Aurora Lighting. Join them for breakfast, product demonstrations and offers on the day.

About Aurora Lighting...

Taking its name from nature’s most spectacular light show, Aurora Borealis, the Aurora Group is an international, LED lighting organisation. Aurora specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative, smart energy-saving solutions for projects, trade and OEM/ODM customers through a dedicated global network to over 70 countries.

Creative product ideation, innovative engineering, rigorous testing, groundbreaking technology, award winning marketing and an unparalleled global sales and distribution team work together at the heart of their business.

The group owns ten international facilities and more than 440,000 sq. ft. allocated to research and development, engineering, testing and technological development in communications and sensing.

You can find out more about Aurora and AOne Smart Lighting here.

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