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At Amco and Janico, we combine in depth product knowledge with connections to the right suppliers, to bring you the most effective security solutions on the British market. 

Listed below are our primary security product areas, covering only the solutions which are available from stock. Our supply network gives us access to the vast majority of products available in the industry, so if you cannot see what you are looking for, feel free to enquire for availability of your desired product!

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have been a speciality at Amco and Janico for many years. Having tried and tested every major brand on the market, we have narrowed our stocked range down to the most effective solutions available at the right price.

The incredibly popular Texecom brand is available from stock. From the domestic Veritas range to the Premier Elite and wireless Ricochet kits, it's all available at any of our four locations.

The ricochet kits 1 to 4 are kept in stock, as we have found these to suit the needs of the vast majority of our contractors.

Premier Elite panels are available in both poly and metal, and items can be purchased individually to create bespoke systems to suit any and all properties, domestic or commercial.

For further information regarding this versatile brand, please click here for the product brochure direct from the manufacturer.

Another main brand we carry from stock is Visonic. This entirely wireless range is available either as individual items, or in the form of the popular Powermax Express E kit.

Once the simple programming procedure is learned, these kits provide an extremely high quality, and easy to install security solution.

Known to have excellent regional representatives, you can rest assured that there is an experienced and helpful support network surrounding these products for during and after installation.

Their entire product catalogue is available here.

Security Lighting

From emergency power outage fittings, to energy saving LED floodlights capable of illuminating large commercial spaces, we stock any of the latest security lighting technologies you require.

Both Enlite and British Electrical Lamps supply us with a sleek range of super slimline LED floodlights, available from 10W up to 200W with or without PIR to cover all scales of property.

We ensure that the products stocked are of the highest quality, and come with substantial guarantees, this is why all our security lighting products are sourced from well established and trusted brands. 

CCTV Systems

Amco and Janico offer a variety of CCTV solutions to suit different scales of properties; from the more DIY scale camera kits, to 16 channel systems suitable for commercial properties.

ESP provide the DigiviewHD camera kits, which are perfect for increasing the security from your home. This full HD, 4 camera kit is a simple solution to keeping an eye on your property, ask in store for details.

Our primary product range is supplied by Weston Distribution, a British company who provide us with all the various items needed to create bespoke camera kits matched exactly to your requirements. Weston Distribution have UK based technical support, and a reputation for being extremely helpful, meaning you're in good hands for any questions during and after installation.

Available in both 720p AHD and 1080p full HD, you are not short of options with these bespoke systems. Real time recording, full scheduling capabilities, a free app with automatic log in for remote viewing, and DVRs up to 16 channel all combine to make this one of the leading camera systems available in the UK.

Fire Detection

Fire alarms are an essential part of protecting your home; The risk of fire breaking out should never be underestimated, and fire alarms play an important role in the detection. Fire alarm systems save valuable time during a fire by providing warning and allowing for action to be taken, and are proven to save lives.

We can offer a selection of different fire alarms and systems that will suit various types of property. Our range includes:

  • Fire Alarm Panels

  • Fire Alarm Detectors

  • Manual Call Points

  • Sounders, Flashers & Bells

  • Fire Resistant Cable & Clips

  • Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO2 Alarms

  • Fire Alarm Accessories


If you are unsure which fire alarm panels are suitable for your needs, there are several factors that should be considered: Any fire alarm system that has been designed to the British standard BS 5839 will divide the property up into zones (physical areas which can be identified by a zone number used to locate the fire). Every fire alarm panel will have a zone capacity and this must be sufficient to accommodate however many zones your system requires.

Secondly do you know what type of system you need to install? Broadly speaking there are 3 types of fire panel; conventional, 2 wire or addressable and each is summarised as follows; Conventional fire alarm panels are considered the most basic and economical in terms of the equipment itself. Detectors and call points for each zone are connected in series, which ends at the last device and terminates at the panel (radial circuit). Warning devices (sounders and flashers) must be connected to a separate sounder circuit. In the event of a fire the panel will simply show which zone this has occurred in (it is worth considering that a single zone may contain up to 32 detectors).

2 wire fire alarm panels can be thought of as an evolution of conventional panels. To overcome the additional cabling needed for the separate sounder circuit, 2 wire panels allow any type of device (detectors, call points or sounders) to be connected in series on the same wire. However, alarm indication is still limited to only showing which zone the fire is in.

Addressable fire alarm panels (sometimes referred to as intelligent fire alarm panels) are the most advanced type. All devices for every zone are connected to the same wire which is looped from the panel to each device in series before returning back to the panel. Through a system of addressing, addressable panels can identify each individual device to assign them into a zone. In alarm condition the panel will not only show the zone number but also a text description (for instance “bedroom 2”) of the device. Further benefits are gained from this loop wiring including system integrity if there is a cable break.

As a leading safety and security product specialist, ESP offers a comprehensive range of electronic security and fire detection solutions to meet the requirements of installers and contractors. The range includes CCTV (some of which was mentioned above), Access Control, Video Door Entry, External Area Protection (EAP), and a growing collection of conventional and addressable Fire Protection products.

As well as an unrivalled range of security solutions, ESP offer a free training and advice facility to ensure our customers get the very best from their products. As part of their technical support service they are able to offer detailed advice on system design across the entire product range.

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