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Barnsley Breakfast Morning - Wednesday 9th October

On Wednesday 9th October our next Breakfast Morning will take place from 8am - 12pm, when Jason and the team at Barnsley will be joined by ESi Controls Ltd. Pop in for breakfast, product demonstrations and special offers on the day.

About ESi...

Established in 2008, ESi Controls Ltd is a full turn-key company that brings to the market an unsurpassed experience in the area of electronic controls, RF and fibre technology.

ESi Controls Ltd is one of the fastest growing designers and manufacturers of heating controls in the UK developing a range of Energy Saving Innovative heating controls for residential and commercial use.

The company consists of two manufacturing facilities covering a total of over 60,000sqm with assembly lines incorporating the latest processes and automatic test methods. ESi is staffed by approximately 1,500 personnel and an additional 100 middle, senior management and research staff.

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