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Barnsley Breakfast Morning - Wednesday 11th September

On Wednesday 11th September our next Breakfast Mornings will take place from 8am - 12pm, when Jason and the team at Barnsley will be joined by Inta. Pop in for breakfast, product demonstrations and special offers on the day.

About Inta...

Intatec offers a range of superbly designed products which have been designed and developed to bring style and more importantly safety to both bath and shower room. In addition, Inta also offers a range of plumbing, heating and renewables products from safety relief valves to expansion vessels.

The introduction of legislation relating to the compulsory fitting of anti scald thermostatically controlled products will mean the TMV2 and TMV3 approved Intatec range will be essential for installation in domestic, care, hospital, health, leisure and institutional applications.

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